Thursday, 28 March 2013

**$ It's a Bling Ting $**

Gold everythang, gold ass chain, gold ass rings...  I've been wearing a lot of gold recently. It's got me browsing for more new gold thangs and I'm excited about the recent drop of some of these pieces.

These jewelery piece are from the newly launched Gogo Philip: Disney range. I first discovered Gogo Philip’s chunky, twisted, chain linked jewellery on a shopping trip in Topshop where he is a concessions designer but later visited his shop on Cheshire Street (an empire of his awesome 80s/90s sheik jewellery) where these are available.

I will always be a Disney Princess at heart so a bit of fairytale bling will always gets a yes from me but what I really like about Gogo Philip’s collection is how current he’s made his jewellery. The childhood iconography is quite minimal and sheik, and has some element that reminds you this is for the older, cooler princess.

The earrings in the collection are my favourite, but there are also some really cool necklaces and bracelets too.

These two rings are from the jewellery designer Mirabelle.  The designer Veronique Henry, hand-makes her pieces using 22ct gold. These two rings are from her Fauna Flora and Mythology collections and I love the symbolism in both.

Loving the Gang$ta feel of these grills by Bolshie. Especially the flames ones which, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anywhere before and are actually such an incredible idea.

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  1. You can find some treasures in charity shops I tell you! And you know how back in the day everything was so ornate, "tricked-out" and over gold! You could find a choker and wear it as a diadem or as a choker! Nice selections here Missy! Young, fresh and new ;)