Saturday, 12 May 2012

W.I.A x Destroy Culture Warning, Warning HD!HD!

This pretty amazing, ultra 90s, bright and fun collection - (straight up my street) has been is the collaborative brainchild of W.I.A and Destroy Culture designer Shaun Bass.  Shaun is a  friend I have made since moving back down to London.  He throws really good parties, with FOOD and open decks which means I get to have B2B sessions with lots of bassss. This version of the collection with arabic typography and floral motifs was shot and edited by the very talented Alis Pelleschi.   
The look book was styled by another person that needs no introduction, stylist Alexis Knox, and shot by Gabriel Love, whose hair, I love. Here are some of the pieces I want. Watch how good i'm being by sticking to my three piece rule!

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